• John Nobil

    Genuinely great tasting energy bars with simple ingredients. No funky soy ingredients like Cliff bar! The chocolate flavors are super intense and the price reflects the high quality ingredients. Certainly compares well with other bars that run $2-3 each that don’t taste or digest nearly as well...

  • Priscilla Savord

    "From the moment I started using MODe I've been getting them QOM's #strava #crowns"

  • Mark Riedy

    "You gotta try the mango + ginger anti-cramping shots. The flavor is a great mix of sweet and spicy and are effective at providing energy and preventing cramping. It's almost impossible to use regular energy gels after having a few mango shots! If you live in San Francisco, you can grab these at the Rapha Clubhouse in the Marina."

  • Roberta Chatard

    "I've tried lots of products to keep me going when my body says "that's it!" Nothing has worked as well as the Mode Energy Shot. I drink one before the ride, then carry one or two in my pocket depending on the length of the ride. Rode Tour de Big Bear with Energy Shot and it kept my legs spinning up Onyx Summit!!"

  • Greg Fisher

    "Snagged some of the beet/berry juice and found it not only delicious, but a great solution to a long day on the bike. Really appreciate that there's no complicated preservatives or extra sugars added. I want my nutrition to be simple and effective; MODe does that very well."

  • Kevin Rouse

    "Found out about MODE when the Rapha Cycle Club in SF started carrying their products. I gave their recovery supplement a try and I have to say I was pleasantly surprised! My legs felt great the next day—now I'll have to give the rest of the line a try!"

  • Aaron Shaffer

    "I love it when science and nature come together like this. Since I started using MODe System 8-packs for my sport nutrition, I've been able to recover and ride faster, and dump the drawer of artificial sports nutrition. This has been what I was looking for on so many levels."

  • Tammo Walter

    "There is nothing like it out there. Perfect combo of natural whole foods and reliable, natural performance extracts. Great stuff!"

  • Andrea Walter

    "It's working! And it's refreshing, too! I don't like green juices too much but this one is good!"

  • Marco Sifuentes Denigris

    "Best product on the market . Not difference betwin what I make at home and mode."