a community of like-minded women that believe it absolutely matters what we put into our tanks to fuel our workouts, competition, and passions


Cyclocross / Mountain Biking

"My best cyclocross World Cup finish came in Las Vegas. That course had always been an Achilles heel for me, but the year it became World Cup status, I told my coach I wanted to turn that around. Race day was magical because all that hard work and purpose paid off (oh, and also, I had done a virtual parent-teacher night presentation just 2 hours before the race!)."




"Since switching to a plant-based diet, nutrition has been at the forefront of achieving my performance goals. I competed at World U23 in 2018 finishing Top 10, have been on multiple ITU Podiums, and now am on the Australian national team. My biggest accomplishment of the past 10 years was competing in Olympic Trials for both Swimming and Track in 2012."



"I climb mountains to raise funds and awareness for the girls who become victims of human trafficking or victims of abuse and violence. I'm climbing the 7 summits and raising funds for 7 organizations that are empowering women."


Personal Trainer / Group Fitness Trainer

"I'm feeling my most confident in myself and what I can do at 52. I placed 2nd in my age group at the Hyrox in Chicago in 2020. Staying motivated is easy; I remember my WHY. I remember my goals. I remember WHY I created my goals. I also think, this 'moment' - do I want to give up more than I WANT *IT*?"


3rd Degree Black Belt / Self Defense Expert

"I’m proud of achieving my 3rd degree black belt. It took so much time and dedication. It was such a large part of my life for an entire decade, and I learned so many lessons both on and off the mat about life, leadership, and badassery."