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Today ATAQ provides the most
advanced plant-based sports nutrition
products to power athletes and active
individuals with high performance

It all started with a simple search for products that didn’t exist. Co-Founder Tammo picked up road cycling after he moved from the East Coast to California. To fuel his training rides and adapt to a generally healthier nutrition regiment his coach encouraged him to cut out all artificial and animal-based ingredients from his diet. What sounded fairly easy at first turned out to be quite complicated. Eating healthy is easy but eating healthy to fuel your workouts and provide the body with what it needs to give peak performance are two different things.
The hunt for plant-based sports nutrition products was on but back in 2013 it was impossible to find products that were truly healthy, yet particularly designed and formulated for athletes. The idea for a company that provides clean high-performance, plant-based and all-natural products was born. In 2016, co-founders Tammo Walter and Nikki Halbur decided to bridge the gap and have been #ontheATAQ ever since.



The “fittest 66 year old”, Robert Owens, used our products during his 7 marathons, 7 continents, 7 days challenge in 2018. Antarctica is the most remote place our products have been at.

3x ITU worldcup wins

Triathlete Matt McElroy used our products early 2019 and killed it, winning three consecutive worldcups within just two months.

mount Everest

Offering a great product is only have of what we provide. Equally important to us is the customer service. We make our products for you and others like you and that’s why we are here to answer any questions you have asap. If you are happy we are happy.

olympic medal

Track and field athlete Megan Tapper used our products during the 2020 Tokyo Olympics and had the performance of her career, snatching bronze in the 100m hurdles.

RAAM world record

Our products fueled road cyclists Evens Stievenart and JL Perez in their 2019 Race Across America, they won the 2-person category and set a new world record with an average speed of 19.7 m/hr.

most wins in a season

Obstacle Course Racer Veejay Jones got 11 x 1st places and the North American Championship Title in 2019, a single season win record for an athlete using our products.

24,252 miles in a year

The Ultrathon athlete with pink hair and ATAQ addict Sheri Kanter rode more than 2,021 miles per month in 2021–on her Peleton! Fueled by our products she felt just fine.

Grand Canyon rim-to-rim-to-rim

Our products fueled road cyclists Evens Stievenart and JL Perez in their 2019 Race Across America, they won the 2-person category and set a new world record with an average speed of 19.7 m/hr.

our mission is simple — help athletes perform and feel better than ever before.

We are proud of the products and formulas we have created and always keep improving. All our ingredients have their roots in the wild but the formulas are designed in a lab. Our food scientists leverage the latest scientific research and insights from our athletes and physiologists to create products that help you reach your aspirations without sacrificing your health. #KickButtNaturally


Tammo Walter


Originally from Germany, Tammo moved to the US in 2004. Prior to starting ATAQ he has worked as Creative Director for global brands in a variety of industries, including sports and athletics. Whenever possible Tammo enjoys road cycling and became addicted to the competitive aspects of the sport. How nutrition can improve his performance and health led to the original idea for ATAQ. Tammo is responsible for all branding, marketing, partnership and athlete related aspects of the business.

Nikki Halbur


A California native and Arizona transplant Nikki is constantly on the go. She is an energetic entrepreneur who has spent most of her career in supply chain management. In 2009, she launched a wildly successful beverage company that was named one of Entrepreneur's 100 Most Brilliant Companies in the Food and Beverage industry. Nikki is responsible for all operational, production and sales aspects of the business.

We believe feeling good includes feeling good about the product you put in the tank. Through food and activity we enjoy what this planet has to offer on a daily basis. Supporting global sustainability, a healthier world, and others in need is part of who we are.

advisory board

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Donovan McNabb

athletic ADVISOR


Julie Swail Ertel

athletic ADVISOR


stay #ontheATAQ

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