Winning is in our Nature

Let's face it, most people still think of farmer's markets and 1960's hippies when they hear "natural nutrition". We know. And when it comes to sports and performance products, "natural" is often regarded with some serious skepticism. But not long ago, when someone mentioned electric cars, images of boring body styles, made for commuters and suburban parents came to mind. Now that has changed, hasn't it? Super fast, powerful, high-tech, jaw-drop worthy, and futuristic looking cars come to mind when mentioning electric. It took re-imagining and innovation to change not only the product itself but also the public's perception of what it is and can be moving forward. That's exactly what we think is possible in the world of sports nutrition.

When Tammo, co-founder of MODe, started working with a cycling coach and nutritionist in 2014, he had a similar epiphany. His coach had encouraged him to move away from synthetic supplements, and instead use fresh, natural foods to fuel his workouts, races, and recovery.

But after a few weeks of putting endless hours into nutritional planning, shopping, prepping, and kitchen cleaning sessions, it became obvious that it was not maintainable. It would be difficult for him to get the performance-oriented nutrition he needed while also maintaining the rest of his work, family, and training requirements.

Eating healthy is simple; eating healthy for sports performance is not. The latter requires an understanding of physiology, biochemical processes, and how to leverage nutrition to target performance goals. And with 12 hours a week in the saddle, there simply was not time to think about all of that. After numerous conversations with Nikki, now co-founder, that idea ultimately turned into MODe in December, 2015.


Tammo Walter

CEO & Co-Founder

Originally from Germany, Tammo moved to the US in 2004. Prior to starting MODe he has worked as Creative Director for a wide variety of brands such as Nike, Motorola, UCLA, American Eagle Outfitters, Miller Lite, Jeep and many others. If not in work MODe or with his family Tammo enjoys road cycling whenever possible. He became addicted to the competitive aspects of the sport. His interest in healthy nutrition and drive to improve his own performance led to the original idea for MODe-- to provide all natural sports nutrition products that improves both, performance AND health. Capitalizing on his extensive branding, marketing and athletic experience, Tammo leads the ATAQ team as CEO and visionary mastermind. 


Nikki Halbur

COO & Co-Founder

Nikki is a busy mom of two and an energetic entrepreneur who has spent most of her career in supply chain management. In 2009, Nikki launched a wildly successful alcoholic beverage company that was named one of Entrepreneur's 100 Most Brilliant Companies in the Food and Beverage industry and #1 on the Fast 50 Spirit Brands by Tasting Panel Magazines. Today, Nikki leads the MODe team as Chief Operating Officer. She recently graduated with her MPA from USC, co-founded a nonprofit to financially assist cancer patients and, if there is any time left, can be found in the ballroom practicing her favorite latin rumba.


Stuart Milne

Sr. Sales Director

Stuart brings over 20 years of diverse CPG experience with companies such as Diageo, Red Bull, Monster Energy and Coca-Cola. He found his passion for brand-building whilst working on Hubert’s Lemonade. Florida born, U.K. raised, Stuart has called Southern California home since 2005, where he lives with his wife and two young children. He grew up playing rugby before discovering triathlon, competing in his first sprint in 2004. He now regularly participates in all distances of triathlon - up to half Ironman - where he learned about the need for proper nutrition. This, combined with a desire to build brands, led to his mission to bring ATAQ to as many consumers as possible.

Your body is your temple, keep it clean.

Lourdes Ramos

Regional Sales Manager

With 30 plus years of sales and production experience in a variety of industries, Lourdes is the Swiss Army knife of sales. Her understanding of the complete life cycle of a product, from sourcing to production, her passion for a healthy lifestyle and an entrepreneurial mindset even led her to develop her own vegan and gluten-free cake mixes as well as a variety of healthy vegan desserts. The personal desire to excel in high endurance sports like Triathlons and Ultra Running, eventually inspired her to create raw energy bars made of clean, all plant-based ingredients, that marked the beginning of a profound collaboration with ATAQ, the basis for what our bars are today and led to a sales professional that couldn’t be more passionate about all our products.

Help people get what they want and you will get what you want.

Talon Melton

Sales Representative

From the warm days on the lake wake-surfing to the mountain tops of freezing ski resorts: Talon was always one to Adventure. He’s a “can” man and realizes all great things take hard work. When Talon mention’s “hard” it just means new and after time you gradually get better. But he believes you have to tell yourself these things. Talon started in sales going door to door. He was able to learn many skills but his main takeaway to date is Transparency be honest and open you will go far. Remember its only up from here. 

Fight for your dreams, every damn day.

River Fuller

Director of Operation

Born in the mountains of Colorado to a free loving hippie, but raised on and off by her grandparents on a farm in the Midwest. Transitioning back and forth between such different extremes helped develop her ability to be comfortable in almost any situation, as well as create an openminded view of people and the world. She was a Director for software consulting companies for over a decade before deciding to become an MMA fighter in her 30s, and then continued on to work in the sport for many years. Taking care of athletes and managing events to create a seamless and enjoyable experience for everyone is her specialty.

Design is Everywhere.

Raphael Cheng

Graphic Designer

Born and raised in southeast Mainland China, Raphael graduated from California State University, Fullerton with a major in Graphic Design. Having a passion for basketball, he played for his school team in his hometown. His heroes are Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, and Tinker Hatfield - and his inspiration for design sparked when he came across Tinker's "Air Jordan" sneaker design. The shoe's various iconic styles propagated a thought in his mind:  "design is everywhere". He wishes to use his passion and skills to create special designs for ATAQ.

You miss 100% of the shots you don't take.

Jared Marin


Born and raised in California, Jared adventured outside and played any sport he could. Having a passion for football, he played for his high school team all 4 years (3 years Varsity). Jared grew up in a creative household. His dad would film everything they did since he was born. For as long as he could remember he watched the movies his dad had made. He was fascinated by the videos and how they were made. When he turned 10 years old he asked his dad if he could borrow his camera to film a movie with his friends down the street. Even he still can't believe he let him. Ever since that day he has filmed his life & all the crazy events that have happened since; from football games in high school to filming concerts for big time artists. With 11 years of experience now on his belt, he wishes to use his skills and drive to create a story for ATAQ and their athletes. 

Some people want it to happen, some wish it would happen, others make it happen.

Logan Lorenzo

Logistics Manager

Born and raised in California, before working for ATAQ I worked for 7 years in an online sports warehouse Monkey Sports. Started as an order picker and ended up as an inventory supervisor. I've seen the sports industry change over the years and I'm glad to be apart of it. When I'm not working at ATAQ, I play roller hockey. I'm a big fan of hockey and football and I love to travel when I can. I'm super excited to take ATAQ to the next level and grow with our team into the future.


Bim Dema-ala


With over 23 years experience in R&D and manufacturing of dietary supplements and functional foods, Bim brings both a wealth of knowledge and her incredible palate to the MODe team. As our external food specialist Bim has spent hours analyzing research studies and has carefully selected the perfect ingredients for our products. She also knows how to make veggies taste really, really good! While Bim has been published and holds various patents in bioavailability, she still says her greatest accomplishments to date are her amazing children.


Jared Countess


Jared's childhood heroes were He-Man, Arnold, and Stallone, but he would say he looked more like Fat Albert. In an effort to match his inner self to his outer body, Jared joined the U.S. Marine Corps, but it wasn't until 2011 that he found his purpose in the fitness industry. As a Certified Personal Trainer, Certified Strength and Conditioning Coach and Fitness Nutrition Specialist, Jared has dedicated his life to understanding the intricate workings of the human body and how it not only functions but succeeds under the stressful conditions we endure. Jared inspires his clients (and his ATAQ teammates) to accomplish physical challenges we once thought impossible.

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