We Just Released Our New Booster Shots!

Announcing the Release of our Highly Potent, Plant-Based Shots Boosting Performance and Health

The three small but mighty booster shots are loaded with adaptogens, nootropics and thermo-nutrients to power athletes and health conscious individuals alike. All underlying formulas utilize cutting edge ingredient extracts at dosages that have been clinically researched and reviewed to ensure efficiency. 

Each booster shot serves a specific purpose and function, and features a unique set of select ingredients and taste profile: 

  • Power & Endurance Booster: The pineapple-orange flavored shot helps increase the body’s nitric oxide production (research with the S7 extract used in this shot showed a 230% increase) and peak and sustained power output.
  • Energy & Focus Booster: The mango-ginger flavored shot helps support ATP production, improve delivery of nutrients and oxygen to working muscles, and mobilize the brain to focus.
  • Recovery & Immune Booster: The lime-berry flavored shot helps strengthen the immune system, supports anti-inflammatory benefits, and nutrient absorption. It also promotes relaxation and overall quality of sleep. Recent research with Wellmune®, one of the extracts used, showed it reduces both the severity and duration of respiratory tract infection symptoms.  

“Most shots on the shelves are either full of synthetic stuff, such as your traditional energy shots, or they are just a pretty straight forward mix of juices with fancy names,” said Tammo Walter, ATAQ’s CEO and Co-Founder. “We saw an opportunity for innovation. Our shots combine the best of a few worlds. They are clean, plant-based, formulated for efficacy, super tasty and shelf-stable. Whether you do a hard workout, need to get through a busy day of work or simply want to support your recovery and immune system, these boosters will get the job done–in a healthy way.”

Gluten-Free, Soy-Free, Dairy-Free, Vegan, and WADA Compliant

All shots are gluten-free, soy-free, dairy-free, vegan and WADA (World Anti-Doping Agency) compliant. They are shelf-stable and have no artificial sweeteners, flavors, colors or preservatives. 

Evens Stievenart

“Both personally and as a professional athlete, I really care about what I put in my body. For me, supplements need to do two things, help my performance and support my health,” said Evens Stievenart, Ultra Cyclist and Race Across America 2019 world record holder. “I train anywhere from 2-12 hours every day and put these booster shots to the test. I am impressed with how they increased my energy level and endurance. I really enjoy the refreshing, natural taste and that they are easy on my stomach.”  


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