Staying on Track for Your Fitness Goals While Working From Home

Are you staying on track with your fitness schedule even while working from home? With many of us sitting at our desk for almost 10 hours a day, it is important to take the time to incorporate daily lifestyle changes that will have a big impact in the end. Here are our best tips for you to maintain your fitness momentum while working from home. 

Break Up Your Workouts 

Do some form of cardio first thing in the morning and resistance training during a lunch break or after work. Making sure to start your morning routine with a burst of energy before breakfast instead of scrolling emails first thing in the morning, it will immediately boost your metabolism. In the middle of the day do a push-up or tricep dip challenge to move your body. After work try a faster pace walk instead of the usual stroll. Splitting up your workouts into two to three chunks will keep you active all day long. 

Schedule Activity with a Friend 

One of the best ways to maintain a “home fitness routine” is having someone to keep you accountable, in person, or a virtual meeting. One option could be to set a morning or mid-day break with a friend and do a run together. Or use an app to share a workout with friends virtually. Having someone that’s counting on you to be there will be more motivation for you to get those miles out of the way. 

Use a Standing Desk or Laptop Riser 

You’re sitting all day at your desk, which can be linked to health concerns such as increased blood pressure, high blood sugar, excess body fat around the waist, and abnormal cholesterol levels. One easy fix to stay away from sitting all day is a standing desk. A standing desk can also increase productivity while working. If a standing desk is not in your current budget, a laptop riser is a great option as well and can be portable throughout your whole house. Setting your laptop on a countertop is another great option as a way to raise your workspace. 

Make Errands Fun 

If you live in an area where it’s possible to ride your bike or walk to handle everyday errands, try leaving your car at home and incorporating more active movements into your daily tasks can make a big difference when working towards your fitness goals - just remember to allow yourself more time to get between desired locations.

Have a Fitness Plan 

Stop aimlessly scrolling through your phone for micro workouts and make a habit of stacking your workouts throughout the day. Keep yourself motivated and accountable by writing it on your agenda so you already have that time blocked off. Many online fitness trainers post fitness plans to follow every day, so you don’t even have to worry about what workout to do. Or, know that while your coffee is brewing in the morning that you’ll do pushups or while your computer is printing you can do jumping jacks. Whichever plan works best for you, make sure you have it mapped out. 


Stretching consistently every day keeps your muscles flexible, strong, and healthy for a range of motion in your joints. Your muscles can become tight and weak without it, putting you at risk for an injury. By sitting all day in a chair, it can result in tight hamstrings, which can inhibit cardio movements. Just incorporating simple stretches like a child’s pose, downward dog, or butterfly can increase muscle mobility and make it easier to train. 

Maintain Good Nutrition

Along with your fitness goals and routine, maintain good nutrition to maximize  your results. Although it takes extreme self-discipline, avoid those empty calories and mindless snacking at your desk. Here are some of our best suggestions as nutrition is just as important as training. 

Create a Meal Plan 

Set times for your meals (like you would in the office) to avoid mindless eating. Eating breakfast and lunch around the same time is especially important. Set alarms to remind you, as well as when you are able to snack in between meals. Mindless snacking be-gone! 

Be prepared

Meal prepping is a great time saver and allows you to make sure your meals are healthy and nutritious. Having good meals and snacks to choose from beforehand can be a huge factor in seeing the results you want. 

Try ATAQ’s raw energy bars for mid-day pick me up. They are made with ginseng and all-natural ingredients to fuel your body throughout the day.

Stay hydrated

Always keep your water bottle at arm’s length throughout your day. Sometimes hunger can be mistaken for thirst. Be sure to maintain your fluid and hydration levels by monitoring your electrolytes as well. With our electrolyte hydration mix, it’s easy to keep yourself hydrated. We only use natural cane sugar in our products and our hydration mix includes betaine, a unique ingredient that actively metabolizes carbs and proteins. Our electrolyte hydration powder was formulated for athletes and high-performance workouts.

Avoid Mid-Day Crashes

t’s harder to make healthier choices when your body has no energy later on in the day. Once 3:00 p.m. rolls around, try ATAQ Energy + Focus booster shots to get over the slump! The two-ounce plant-based, functional beverage using only clinically proven extracts in tested dosages is scientifically formulated to effectively deliver nutrients which improve mental clarity, energy, and focus. Enjoy lasting energy without the jitters or crash of caffeine. The shots are shelf-stable and have no preservatives, artificial sweeteners, colors, or flavors. 

ATAQ Fuel 

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