Sean Brady Partners With MODe Natural Sports Nutrition in  Pursuit of Becoming a UFC Champion

Sean Brady Partners With MODe Natural Sports Nutrition in Pursuit of Becoming a UFC Champion

Author: Aasha Marler

PHILADELPHIA, P.A. —  After an undefeated championship run on the regional circuit, recently signed UFC athlete Sean Brady has landed an exclusive sponsorship agreement with California based MODe Sports Nutrition.

Brady signed a multi-fight agreement with the world's largest and best Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) promotion - the Ultimate Fighting Championships (UFC) earlier this year and hopes to debut soon. Boasting an undefeated amateur and professional record of 15 consecutive wins Brady now sets his goals on obtaining UFC gold.

“The UFC is a shark tank of the world’s highest level of talent and I know I need to be at the top of my game every day to compete there.” said Sean Brady. “ I’m honored to be added to MODe’s stable of athletes across the country. Their team is amazing and have already gotten to know me on a personal level. They are truly invested in my desire to obtain peak performance every time I step in the gym or compete.”

"MODe differs from other sports nutrition brands because we provide high-octane fuel that is only made with natural ingredients because we care as much about the athlete’s performance and immediate results as we care about what they put into their bodies and their long-term health." says MODe CEO and co-founder Tammo Walter. "By leveraging the latest research and insights into health and sports performance we are able to provide world class athletes like Sean a competitive edge when it matters most.”

"We use only ingredients and extracts that are scientifically proven to deliver results and all our products are compliant with the World Anti Doping Association (WADA) guidelines," says COO and co-founder Nikki Halbur, who previously started the #1 ranked brand of Entrepreneur's "100 Brilliant Companies" (2012), the Adult Beverage Company.

MODe has also assembled a high-caliber advisory board, made up of executives from Nike, Google and Coca-Cola Company as well as elite athletes Julie Ertel, a silver Olympian and 2x Pan Am Triathlon gold medalist, and former NFL QB Donovan McNabb. Much like MODe's products, this powerhouse group is committed to delivering results.

MODe Natural Sports Nutrition

Ideated by athletes, formulated by nutritionists and scientists, MODe products are all-natural and only use whole foods, other natural ingredients and natural performance extracts at dosages that have been scientifically tested to reliably deliver results. Designed for people who care about both max performance and health, MODe currently offers four product lines—energy blocks, electrolyte hydration drink mixes, plant-based proteins and cold-pressed power drinks. The products are non-GMO, gluten-free, soy-free, dairy-free, vegan and compliant with WADA (World Anti Doping Agency) guidelines. MODe is available direct to consumers via as well as through select retailers.


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