Robert Owens, oldest competitor ever to finish torturous SealFit Kokoro 50 Hour Challenge

Robert Owens, oldest competitor ever to finish torturous SealFit Kokoro 50 Hour Challenge

Author: Aasha Marler

Robert Owens, 66, CrossFitter, multiple-time Iron Man competitor, former USAF Pararescue Special Ops, and overall badass guy took on his toughest feat yet -

Kokoro 2017 aka Navy Seal Hell Week. 

Robert Owens pictured at the finish of Kokoro Training (bottom right)

We tapped into the mind of Robert Owens who was able to give us raw, exclusive insight as to what this event entails. Not to mention, Robert Owens finished the event hours before the clock turned for his 66th birthday. 37 participants began the event followed by a total of 17 to finish all 50 hours of hell. Robert walks us through each painful hour still recovering from his cuts, blood, and bruises, but most importantly how he was able to overcome minute by minute. Join us as we learn a whole new level to kicking butt and most importantly what you can take away for your own trials that may cross your path. 

Hear the full interview here!: Robert Owens Post Kokoro Interview 

For more info on the event: 



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