Riding 24,252 miles in one year is crazy. Do that on a Peloton and you are insane.

Riding 24,252 miles in one year is crazy. Do that on a Peloton and you are insane.

Author: Tammo Walter

That's why it's probably safe to say that Sheri Kanter is the craziest Peloton badass out there. Ultrathon athlete, absolute Peloton fanatic and ATAQ addict, Sheri does what is unfathomable to most people, she rides 2,021 miles on a Peloton–every month, for all of 2021! That's pretty insane. We asked her a few questions but because she has to ride a lot, she answered them while riding–on the Peloton of course. :-)

  1. Since when have you been playing/doing sports? Since the age of 6. Started with snow skiing and at the age of 9 added horseback riding. Competed in both - slalom skiing & equestrian riding. Then added figure skating. Also, water skied during the summers; slalom, trick ski, shoe ski & even skied on a canoe paddle. Played basketball in high-school, dabbled in some endurance running, and even ran a half marathon in high-school. Also, I’d go out and ride my bike 2-3 times a week on a round trip path, roughly 38 miles. No GPS back then so I’d look at the clock when I left and returned and always tried to beat my previous time. Once I started college any sports and working out were put on the back burner. Although I had always wanted to go to the Olympics, that didn’t happen and I was encouraged to focus on school. 

  2. What is your biggest athletic achievement so far? This question really takes my thoughts down memory lane. I started running again after a long hiatus, at age 38! Ran my first marathon 6 months later. Took me 5:25:26 (grueling). Fast forward 7 years later and my 21st marathon (3:24:25) was not only 2 hours faster and a new PR from my 1st marathon but I came in 17th in my age group (F/45-49)–out of roughly 1500 runners. Although I did not get a  trophy, I felt like I won because of my improvement and because the race execution was close to perfect (7:48 pace per mile). The other major accomplishment was that I had been wanting to qualify for Boston. With specialized, very diligent training it took me 14 marathons to BQ the first time but then I BQ’d another 14 times until I had a major accident. Finally, at 46 years old I ran a 5:57 mile in a local road race.

  3. For how long have you been riding Peloton? Precisely since December 13, 2015

  4. What’s your Peloton LB #? #peloStrong

  5. What do you love about Peloton? You’d have a much shorter answer if you asked me what I didn't like about Peloton. :-) I’m 100% all in with everything Peloton. It’s fitness, it’s community, it’s family, it's been a true life saver! To say I “drank the kool aid” is an understatement. I even have my LB name #peloStrong tattooed down my left leg. Seriously, the creation that John Foley started combined with social media and all the different pelo Facebook pages and groups opened up a whole new world. Pelo friends are the BEST. I’m purely a biker now. However, Peloton offers so many diverse types of classes either on their equipment or the app. It’s endless. The instructors are all top notch too, there’s something for everyone.

  6. What is your 2021 Peloton goal and how far along are you? “Simply put” I’m riding #2021 miles EVERY month of 2021–all on my Peloton. As of today (8/26) and counting the next 5 days, I’ll be done with 8 months and have 16,168 miles (or 26,020 Km) under my belt. Depending on the month (thank goodness there’s only one February, lol) and personal responsibilities/emergencies, etc I’ve averaged 21-24 days of riding per month. So, that’s about 84 to 96 miles each day I ride! 

  7. What are your top 3 Peloton rides and why? Jenn Sherman’s 45-min Cover to Cover ride on Dec. 13, 2020 Great music & awesome instruction of course!! I (we) got lots of Love & kind words from JSS and so did my PinkB*tches pelo pals.  We had planned to meet up in the studio in NY & ride together but it wasn't possible. Instead we ordered matching outfits and rode together via Facetime. That was for the goal of doing #5000 rides on the 5-year peloversary. Also, I loved the Alex T. Teams ‘Validate vs Activate’ series. (Mar 27, 2021-June 12, 2021) Awesome coaching, great training and good competition. Sadly, lots of the rides from years ago have been removed from the on-demand library. There were some amazing rides when we were together in the studio. So I guess my last one is the Alex T ride where he gave me shout out and said, “I have the best damn hair in all of Peloton (May 22. 2020~30 min Rock). 💕

  8. How much do you hydrate during a Peloton ride? It fluctuates a little but usually I aim for 24-28 ounces of ATAQ hydration when it’s a bit warmer (I don’t use a fan) and I ride 60-75 minutes pushing a little harder. If it’s cooler and I’m low end endurance I use that amount during 90+ minutes.
  9. Do you eat during a Peloton ride? YES, always! Riding a lot requires a lot of eating. Often I save time by bringing my snacks and/or mini meals with me. It’s been interesting figuring out what works best. Oh, and the pups enjoy when I drop some. My go-to snacks are: cereal, trail mix (peanuts/M&Ms/raisins), pretzels, chips & salsa, ice cream bar (I like Yasso bars), Swedish fish, leftover pizza, pasta, and a pb&j sandwich. Sometimes even leftover Chinese food, too. Pretty much anything that’s easy to grab (or warm up quick) and go. Not a lot of extra time so gotta be resourceful.  
  10. What are your favorite songs to listen to when it gets tough? As I’m typing this I’m listening to Spotify and doing a scenic ride. :-) Enjoying Joni Mitchell - Both Sides Now However, my GAME ON songs are: P!nk-Just like Fire, Cover me know Sunshine, Raise Your Glass, True Love, Walk me Home, Fuckin’ Perfect- Genesis- Follow You, Follow Me, In too Deep, Turn It on Again, Billy Joel-Summer, Highland Falls, We didnt Start the Fire, The Downeaster ‘Alexa’, All for Leyna-Cher, If I Could Turn Back Time, I Got You Babe, I Found Someone, Strong Enough

  11. Do you listen to the instructors or do you do your own thing? I mostly do my own thing. Especially this year as I have to be diligent to mostly maintain a solid and steady endurance effort. However, my personal “rule” is, if I do a power zone, tabata or HIIT ride, I always follow instructor cues.

  12. Regarding your workouts, what do you struggle with most or what is the hardest part about it? If I don’t have a reason or purpose I have a really hard time getting motivated to ride. If I’m doing it just to do it, I find I procrastinate so I always find a reason for what I’m doing–including simply having fun & pedaling to fun tunes.

  13. What is your #1 advice for a new Peloton rider? Just start! Simply from where you’re at. Don’t overthink it. Clip in and start pedaling, just follow your heart and do it.

    Sheri Kanter Peloton
  14. You are a pretty inspirational person yourself, who do you look up to for inspiration? TYVM, very touched. Of course I can’t just give one. Paula Radcliffe, was the women’s World record holder for marathon (2:15) and an all around inspiration. Cool fact - never thought I’d meet her in real life but then was fortunate enough to do so at the Chicago Marathon Expo. I got a pic with her and she signed my Boston medal (I know, I’m a kid at heart). P!nk-oh, if only I could sing, well and fly around in the air while singing. Such a talented superstar, incredible role model and unbelievably amazing humanitarian. Robin Arzon is so inspirational in many different ways but certainly an  incredible athlete and motivator.
  15. What tips do you have to (mentally) get through a really hard ride? You can’t sprint a marathon! No matter how long the ride is it needs to be broken down in your head into smaller sections. You can’t be 2 minutes into a 45 min ride and think, “Omg, I still have 43 minutes left, I’ll never make it”. For example, break those rides down into 3 x 15 mins. Don’t look back & don’t look too far ahead, just put your head down and stay in it. In. The. Present. Moment. Focus. Focus. Focus. Even if that means letting your mind tune out. Ride with a friend to help push you. Definitely find your “why” on what’s going to get you through.

  16. What is your favorite quote? “You know you are on the right track when you become uninterested in looking back”, “You are never too old to set a new goal or new dream” and “Carpe Diem”.

  17. Is there a story behind your pink hair? Not really. I decided to try color maybe 7 years ago and went with pink first. Loved it. Also tried purple but felt too dark for me. When I was young I always wanted a nickname but was never honored with one. Fast forward, when I started visiting the New York City Pelo studio in 2016 and the infamous JSS “officially” gave me the long awaited nickname “Pinky” it was worth the wait.

  18. What is your favorite ATAQ product and why? The ATAQ electrolyte hydration Drink mix! It’s just so good! Incredibly smooth, refreshing and super easy on the stomach. You can truly taste the freshness. Love that it has Betaine as well. Most importantly, it does what it’s supposed to do, keeps me going without cramping and with no gastrointestinal upset.
  19. Anything else you want to say we haven’t asked? People used to say to me when I was a runner “I don’t know how you can do that. I can’t even run around the block or I’m not built to run”. I always say whether it’s running, outdoor biking, or Peloton, just find your passion. Focus on YOU and YOUR rhythm, feel what you’re truly excited about. Something you can stick with because you love it, something that makes you feel proud and happy when you do it. Most importantly, feed and fuel your bodies with healthy, natural foods, lots of water and electrolytes. Finally, it’s most important to be consistent, set challenging but realistic goals and to be part of a lifestyle. I’m truly hoping to to succeed at this BIG #2021x12 goal and at the same time I am getting my running “fix” by coaching runners at all levels and distances. That makes me happy and feel rewarded. #teamworkmakesthedreamwork

 To follow Sheri's journey on Instagram check her posts @pelopinky.

Sheri Kanter


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