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Have you felt like you can’t ever get enough restful sleep? And even when you did, you still wake up feeling sluggish or tired? These types of symptoms are your bodies' way of trying to tell you that you need to put more energy and education into proper recovery. We have all heard about the importance of rest and recovery since we were young, but what is a less popular theme is how to go about achieving those results. A lack of proper recovery can lead to some severe problems, including inflammation, increased chance of injury, and a compromised immune system. The three steps outlined below are specifically focused on getting you back on track to full-body health so that you can get back to THRIVING!

Your recovery period should allow you a 1-3% increase in strength or conditioning every time you train

If this isn’t the case for you, then it's time to reevaluate your perspective on training. Professional athletes who have competitive deadlines to prepare for don’t go into it blindly training as hard as they can every time they go into the gym. These habits would result in fatigue and an inability for the body to make significant progress. The same goes for you! If you don’t feel fresh and ready to go for the day’s workout ahead, you most likely did one of the following: 

Exercised past your current threshold resulting in your body needing multiple days to recover properly. If you continue to train, this will prolong the recovery time and could lead to injury. 

Did you get enough quality sleep? Just because you slept the recommended 7-9 hours, doesn’t mean it was the quality restful sleep your body needed. Many factors can affect your sleep. Avoiding big meals, caffeine, alcohol, and tobacco 3-4 before bed are some easy habits to instill that can make a big difference.

Is your diet providing the quality nutrients you need? We dig into this topic further below. 

Nature Knows Best

Humans have been fueled by nutrients that come directly from nature for thousands of years. Just in the last century, all of that has changed. We are now accustomed to eating foods that have been sitting on store shelves for months and maybe even years! Our bodies know exactly what to do with natural foods and it causes little to no stress on our bodies when we consume them regularly. Very important to note that the same cannot be said for processed foods. The amount of processed foods that we consume in the world today is appalling. If we continue at this rate, widespread disease and early death rates will start to become more and more common. Not only is it a health hazard for you long term, but consuming these types of products effects your quality of life daily. The reason for all these negative consequences is a lack of readily available nutrients in these foods. They take up the same space in your stomach, making you feel satisfied mentally and even physically for a short time, but eventually, this lifestyle will catch up with you! When our bodies don’t have the nutrients they need to repair, it would be comparative to you running out of Legos in the middle of a build; the point is you won’t be getting very far. But the good news is that there is an abundance of tasty, healthy, fresh foods available to you at the grocery store. Staying on the outside edges of the grocery store is a good rule of thumb for avoiding processed foods.

All-natural supplements will maximize your recovery

Lastly, it is important to find products that support our bodies’ efforts in recovery like ATAQ does. Quanta is a biotech company based out of Southern California. They make the #1 selling, all-natural, doctor recommended, topical Muscle Rub on the market. We made sure that they met all of our standards for quality, and they truly go above and beyond. Their customers can’t stop talking about how their products have helped them with an array of different problems including recovery, pain, sleep, headaches, TMJ, and even anxiety. Perfect for before or after your training session to lower inflammation and will also dramatically improve your sleep if used before bed. Their CBD products have been shown to reduce the presence of inflammation in the body by 5x more than any other company due to their proprietary patented technology. Quanta products will give your body the necessary boost in medicinal benefits that we all need in today’s fast-paced world.

They currently have an amazing line including TopicalsVapesFace CreamsTinctures, and Sprays!

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