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Greetings MODers!

I am so excited to share with you today and introduce myself as Aasha aka the newest member to MODe Sports Nutrition.

As a southwest native from Albuquerque, New Mexico, I found my passion for athletics at a young age. In addition to watching my brother play basketball, my parents took me to my first Lobo basketball game at the University of New Mexico. I noticed the excitement and prestige of the game. In that moment I knew I wanted to be a Lobo student-athlete one day. After playing basketball and eventually transferring those skills to track and field, I became the hometown girl with her eyes set on professional and Olympic track dreams. While competing in long and triple jump at the University of New Mexico, I also earned my MBA and found a passion for sports marketing. I knew regardless of when my peak as an athlete was due (hopefully not till 2028), that I wanted to work concurrently towards my business goals and dreams. As much as I tried to picture myself sitting in an office crunching hours 9-5pm or leaving for the day knowing the next would be exactly the same, I knew that I couldn’t bring myself to do so. I needed something to make my heart race off the track.

At various times through my life, I was told it was impossible for me to have it all. Of course my mom never said that, but many other people I was surrounded by said it was unrealistic to think training, working, eating right, doing well in school, spending time with family, and balancing a social life were all possible. I distinctly remember an epiphany from childhood about my love for Barbie dolls. I was playing in the living room and my dad asked me,  “Why do you like your Barbies so much?”.  I paused for moment and responded, “because she could do it all Dad.” Yes, her trendy clothes and fast cars didn’t hurt, but it was never in a materialistic manner that drew me to love these Mattel sensations. Rather, it was the fact a young girl such as myself could dream and could “do it all”. Opportunities and combinations of dreams would be endless. Barbie was a doctor, teacher, model, and everything else all wrapped into one. If we’re being honest, I’ve kept this mentality and have yet to have a reason to believe otherwise. It’s worked out well.

If you are looking for a top 10 guide on how to maximize time management, please check back with MODe and myself for a future post on just that. However, if you need a spark of hope to believe what you want, and truly desire is all possible, then keep up for another moment.

I knew what I most deeply desired in my life were narrowed down to three things: to train as an elite track athlete, work as a professional sports marketing consultant, and maintain my most treasured, personal relationships. To be clear, I believe “having it all” is in reference to the things that mean the most for a fulfilling life and overall encompass what I look for in life. After much effort, patience, and consideration, I found MODe to be the facilitator and best solution to all those goals and priorities. MODe provides the window of opportunity I needed in the midst of several dreams and approaching countless unknowns.

Every team member here at MODe is a living, breathing, moving, and complicated person. We don’t believe in absolutes or limitations. Rather, we believe in discovering, adapting, and reinventing because we think you can have it all. And when you don’t have it all, you get pretty darn close. In whatever stage or circumstance you may be facing, find “your MODe”, because life's too short to constantly sacrifice when an uncondensed version of your desires might be around the corner. Sprinkle in a little faith with your honest efforts, and I’ll bet you 9 out of 10 times you will be glad you tried to have it all.

Adopting this mentality led me to play varsity sports, compete at a Division I athletic program, and finally have the opportunity to train at the Olympic Training Center with sights of making the 2020 Tokyo Olympic team. I’ve had several ups and downs, like we all can attest to, but I’ve never stopped telling myself I can’t have it all.

At MODe I’m able to train with the highest caliber for both quality and happiness. When I’m not training, I am able to build social engagement, content, and community, all while providing value to our followers about the MODe lifestyle. Our brand is about testing limits, which why I am so excited to share my Olympic and MODe journey.  I promise you, you’ll gain new insight and reassurance that we can live the life we have exceptionally.

With that being said, check in frequently for future blogs, posts, videos and events about taking on a MODe mentality in whatever your “Olympic” type dreams you may have.

Cheers to the adventure ahead!

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You’re such an inspiration, Aasha! I love how you’ve always chased your dreams and never let anyone keep you down!! I look forward to learning more about your journey with the Olympics and mode while I chase mine!! Xoxo

Michaeli September 17, 2017

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