Natural vs Synthetic

Natural vs Synthetic

Author: Arik Berzak

AT MODe we pride ourselves in providing performance-enhancing products formulated with all-natural ingredients. All natural means our products are derived entirely from plant products. Most sports nutrition companies defend their use of chemicals because they claim the benefits outweigh the risks. We disagree. Here’s why:


The body is inherently designed to digest and absorb biological compounds not synthetic chemicals. When you ingest synthetic ingredients, you can easily disrupt the delicate biological environment in your body. Even something as mainstream as sucralose (a substance found in the majority of synthetic supplements), has been shown to negatively disturb the microbial composition of the gut.

MODe products are effective because they have been carefully formulated with natural, biological compounds that when combined together, bring performance enhancing benefits. Many of our ingredients support detoxification and cardiovascular health and contain anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties that assist with muscle repair and recovery. And, unlike synthetic ingredients, your body is naturally primed to use our ingredients to their maximum potential.


Many lab-generated, synthetic products are adorned with appealing-sounding flavors like “Pink Lemonade” and “Strawberry Margarita”. In reality, these products are far from tasty, and are typically accompanied by a sickly sweet aftertaste. Why is that?

In an effort to cover up the taste of chemicals, artificial flavors and sweeteners are added. In contrast, our products are only flavored with fruits and fruit extracts. These naturally taste great, no human intervention needed! There is no unnamable flavor, or funky aftertaste—just a naturally pleasing flavor that you’ll enjoy drinking. You won’t ever have to plug your nose and chug to get a performance boost down your throat.


Most sports performance supplement companies will say there’s no danger in taking their products. If that’s the truly the case, then why do so many come with warning stickers on the side?

Many exercise supplements include legal substances like caffeine. However, the high dosages of these substances can have adverse side effects, and may also negatively interact with medications.

Even more shocking, there are some supplements still on shelves that contain illegal substances with serious health risks. One such chemical is methylhexanamine, also known as DMAA, forthane or geranium extract. The substance is banned by the World Anti-Doping Agency (when Nesta Carter tested positive for it, it cost the 2008 400m relay team the Olympic Gold), and was made illegal by the US Food and Drug Administration in 2013. Strokes, high blood pressure, irregular heartbeat and glaucoma are all possible side effects of the substance.

There’s no need for warnings on MODe labels because our performance drinks are all natural. No scary side effects, illegal substances, or risks of overdone. Just clean, healthy performance formulated for your body.

For more information about the ingredients included in our beverages, check out our ingredients page.

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Roz Glanfield is a PN certified nutritionist, personal trainer & CrossFit coach. Roz provides nutrition consultations and coaching via her online business Own Your Eating. She draws on her personal experiences with fitness & nutrition together with her professional training to provide an holistic coaching practice that empowers her clients to make sustainable lifestyle changes. Roz believes this is key in helping her clients look, feel and perform at their best. Find out more about Roz and keep up to date with her blog at or follow her on her social media channels.

Instagram: @ownyoureating

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