Join the Juice Generation: Green Smoothie 101 [Recipe]

We just love our juices at Mod_e! They deliver a powerful punch of vitamins & minerals in just one bottle, helping the body to boost performance & maximize recovery. Our recovery juice, Combat_Green, is the perfect post-workout refreshment. Packed full of phytonutrients & antioxidants, Combat_Green contains ingredients, like moringa, with tissue protective & immune boosting properties. One bottle contains a whopping 90% of your daily value of vitamin C! With athletic recovery specifically in mind, Combat_Green has also been carefully formulated to substantially reduce inflammation in the body caused by oxidative stress.     

We suggest consuming Combat_Green within a 1 to 2-hour window post-workout to enhance your body's recovery, but you can enjoy the benefits of this delicious juice any time of day. Either with a meal, on it's own to replace a mid-morning snack, or incorporate it into your morning smoothie. To help you out with an idea we got creative in the kitchen and used our Combat_Green as the liquid base to a protein packed green smoothie. Check out our recipe below! But before you do, here are some reasons we love smoothies too:  

5 Reasons We Love Green Smoothies

1. Natural energy booster

I always feel like I have an extra pep in my step after a big green smoothie in the morning or at lunch-time. It really helps to ward off those afternoon slumps by keeping my energy levels steady throughout the day. 

2. Fights Cravings

Smoothies provide bulk in the way of fiber & can be super filling when combined with fruit, protein powders & nut butters. The natural sweetness of some added fruit really helps to satisfy sugar cravings too. If you struggle with satiety, make sure to include some protein and healthy fats in your smoothie to keep you fuller for longer. 

3. Immune Boosting

Green smoothies are a quick and easy way to get a good dose of vitamins & minerals when your body might be lacking. If you include them regularly in your diet you'll be sure to combat inflammation & keep your immune system healthy all year round. 

4. Packed with antioxidants

Combat_Green is packed full of phytonutrients helping to boost your body’s immune system and keep it functioning properly. In case you hadn't noticed, just one bottle contains 90% of your daily value of Vitamin C!

5. Quick & Easy

We know your time is valuable and every spare second counts. Smoothies are a great meal replacement as they are super simple & take less than 5 minutes to make. If you struggle for time in the morning, you can even make your smoothie in advance the night before & take it in a blender bottle for a healthy breakfast on the go. 

What's Inside?

There's really not a lot to it, all you really need is three simple ingredients to make a delicious green smoothie:

1. Liquid-base

2. Leafy greens

3. Fruit

You can also add protein & superfood extras if you like to supercharge your smoothies like us. Ready to start blending? Check out this Super Simple Green Smoothie formula. Enjoy!

We used ingredients that match and enhance the base properties of our Combat_Green juice, but feel free to experiment with alternatives. We'd love to hear how you're enjoying your Combat_Green juice! 



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