UFC's "Rebel Girl" joins the MODe Family

The MODe team is thrilled to announce the addition of Ashlee Evans-Smith, also known as "Rebel Girl" among the MMA crowd.  Ashlee is a professional UFC fighter, passionate vegan, and now MODe enthusiast. She was introduced to MODe through a friend, tried the products and recently reached out to us to learn more.  As a devout vegan, she has struggled to find the right performance nutrition that meets all of her needs. Well, until MODe. She loves the convenience, great taste, and training benefits (increased energy, no cramping and faster recovery time).  "MODE is the perfect addition to my diet and lifestyle. I am using this amazing system of product to get the best version of me," said Ashlee. 

This 5'8" 135-pound powerhouse has a pro record of 5-2 and is currently ranked #15 in the world in WMMA.  In short, she's badass.  

Ashlee began her career as the only girl on her high school's wrestling team.  She credits some of her success to having to train and beat the boys on a regular basis over the course of her three years on the team.  She won three State Champ titles (2002-2005) and was named Girl's Tri-State Champion (California, Washington, and Oregon).  

Ashlee wrestled at the collegiate level for Menlo College from 2005-2009, was team captain, and a 4 time All-American, reaching 4th in the nation.  Ashlee earned her degree in Communications and began to search for her next athletic chapter.  She dabbled in rugby, but it wasn't until she met strength and conditioning coach, Eugene "The Wolf" Jackson. that she was introduced to MMA and she found her passion.  Ashlee trained and fought under Jackson in 7 amateur fights. Ashlee relocated to Southern California and began training under UFC fighter, Mark Munoz at Reign Training Center in Lake Forest. She won her first 2 amateur fights in the 140lb belt category, including Tuff n Uff.  After 9 amateur fights, Ashlee turned pro and signed with Miami-based Championship Fighting Alliance (CFA) and picked up her first two professional wins in the 145lb belt category. 

Today, she fights for Team Oyama, under coach Colin Oyama, training alongside such athletes as UFC's Maron "Chito" Vera, Diego Rivas, Claudio Puelles and her bestie, Carla Esparza.  She is surrounded by so much talent on the daily that her success is inevitable.

Ashlee is currently 2-2 in the UFC and is looking to make it 3-2 after her next fight on September 9th in Alberta, Canada against Sara "Cheesecake" Moras. We have no doubt that Ashlee will reach her full potential and become the "bantamweight champion of the world". Join us in cheering Ashlee on-- she gives our motto "kick butt" a whole new meaning.  

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