Former All-American Swimmers now triathletes join MODe’s expanding team roster

Former All-American Swimmers now triathletes join MODe’s expanding team roster

Author: Aasha Marler

We are excited to announce Jeremy Szymanowski and Brad Hibbard as the newest additions to Team MODe! Both 6’5” former University of Texas Austin All-American swimmers have found their way into triathlon only three years ago but given their expert swimming skills they had a strong pad to launch off from.

Ranked 5th in 2017 (USA Triathlon, age group 40-44) in California, Jeremy has placed/won several USA Triathlon (USAT) events since getting into the sport. He looks to take on top-podium finishes in upcoming Ironman events and qualify for World Championships.

Brad, a 2017 and 2018 World Championship qualifier in AquaBike, a relatively new USAT sanctioned sub-discipline, ranked 7th nationally and 2nd in the South West region in 2017, now looks at qualifying for the 2019 World Championship in Nice, France.  

Given Jeremy's and Brad’s nutritional philosophies and demands in training and competition, they believe partnering with MODe is a great fit. Plus - having that partner and premium sports nutrition brand headquartered locally in the SoCal backyard made it even better. Both athletes were also drawn to join an up and coming team environment with a high-adrenaline start-up vibe, and support for their individual athletic endeavors. For MODe it is a logic continuum of a strategic path already set when Julie Swail Ertel, Silver medal Olympian, 2x PanAm Gold medalist, last year’s 2017 San Diego International Triathlon champion and NBC Sports commentator, was brought on as member, Athletic Advisor and part of Team MODe in early 2017.

Brad and Jeremy will be competing this weekend in the 2018 Carlsbad Triathlon. We wish them all the best for a great kick-off with Team MODe and are excited to have them be part of our family. Follow our blog, FB and IG feeds @modesportsnutrition for latest race updates and future events!

Jeremy Szymanowski

Top Finishes:

  • 1st place (age group) in Triathlon - 2018 Escape from Alcatraz Series Race - Huntington Beach, CA
  • 6th place - 2018 Half Ironman - Oceanside, CA
  • Entry Qualifier - 2019 Escape from Alcatraz - San Francisco, CA
  • Ranks 5th in USA Triathlon (age group 40-44) - California


  • Place top 5 at a Half IronMan 70.3 event
  • Qualify and place top 5 at the 2019 Half Ironman World Championship in Nice, France.

How he kicks butt: “As a physician, I see a lot of things both good and bad. It really does make you realize you can't take anything for granted, most notably your health. Because of this, I try to punch my ticket everyday, especially on training days.”

Brad Hibbert

Top Finishes:

  • 1st place overall in AquaBike - 2018 Escape from Alcatraz Series Race - Huntington Beach, CA
  • 1st place (age group) - 2017 Semper-Tri Camp Pendleton - Oceanside, CA
  • 2nd place (age group) AquaBike - 2017 National Championship - Miami, FL
  • 2x Division winner -  2015-2016 Nautica Malibu Triathlon - Malibu, CA
  • 2017 and 2018 World Championship Qualifier in AquaBike
  • Ranked 7th Nationally and 2nd Southwest in USAT AquaBike (2017)

Goal: Qualify and place at 2019 World Championships for Aquabike in Nice, France.

How he kicks butt: “It’s my love to race and train. I feel like testing myself, being healthy, and feeling strong. The lifestyle that comes with it and purpose to the training create that athletic pride.”

Jeremy and Brad are proud fathers to each of their families and strive to set a positive example of success, determination, passion, and health in every stage of life.


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