Evens Stievenart - Sebring Record Holder: 24 hrs, 533 miles, 22 mph

Seize the day! Or 24 hours for that matter. It for sure was a long day but seizing it was exactly what ultra endurance cyclist Evens Stievenart did last weekend when participating in the 24 hour race at the Bike Sebring 2019 RAAM Qualifier. 

Riding 535 miles within 24 hours did not only give him the win of the race but also set a new race record! And looking at 2019 it only was the beginning, a test race and qualification ticket to race RAAM (Race Across America) this June. A monster of a bike races. Maybe the biggest there is. But because Evens rarely just participates in something he set the bar high for this one too. He and his team partner Jean-Luc Perez, both accomplished time trial and log distance cycling experts from France, want to break the record for the two-man-team category and make it from Oceanside, CA to Annapolis, MD in under 6 days and 10 hours.

Hear more straight from him and join us for an insider look at what motivates, inspires, and fuels Evens to take on these crazy challenges! 

2019 Sebring Race Data: 

  • 24 hour duration
  • 4 minute stop over the entire course 
  • 533 miles completed 
  • 17300 calories burned
  • About 7,500 calories consumed 
  • About 3 gallons consumed  
  • 201 average power 
  • 215 normalized power 
  • 120 heart rate average 
  • 87 RPM 
  • 15 scoops of MODE Electrolyte Hydration

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