Cyclist, Enthusiast, and Lawyer breaking the rules from "over-busy" to enjoying the ride

Meet Megan Hottman - cyclist lawyer, elite bike racer, and most importantly advocate for pushing limits while still enjoying the ride.



This Colorado resident, kick-butt athlete, and cyclist enthusiast took a chance and decided to create her own hybrid of passion and expertise. Her mantra is "improving lives and communities one cyclist at a time" and it is her own personal mission to get more people riding bikes, especially women.

Listen to our podcast with Megan as she shares her secrets to a life full of passion, inspiration, and motivation we can all take wisdom from!


'05 Best Amateur, Nature Valley G.P.
'09 Masters Track Nat'l Champ, pursuit
2010 Colorado Best All-round Rider, Road (Women Cat 1/2)
'07 & 2010 Colorado State TT champion
2010 Colorado State Crit Champion
2010 & 2011 Winner, North Boulder Classic Criterium (Women Cat 1/2)
2011 Overall Endurance omnium winner, Minnesota Fixed Gear Classic
2014 Colorado Best All-round Rider, Cyclocross (W35+)
2015 Gravel Worlds Female Single Speed Champion

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