4 punches to get green, mean recovery

4 punches to get green, mean recovery

Author: Aasha Marler

What is a “recovery” drink?

Many athletes associate protein shakes as the only drink ideal for post-workout recovery. Although protein is extremely important for athlete nutrition, recovery drinks play their own key role in the process. Recovery products often focus on glycogen and hydration restoration, whereas protein shakes focus on protein intake for muscle fiber restoration. According to Live Strong, endurance athletes experience dehydration, depleted glycogen, and tissue breakdown before rebuilding for following workouts and competition. Endurance athletes in particular must replenish glycogen and hydration levels as well as tissue repair. Sleep and water are key factors to restoring those levels, however that alone is not enough to fully replenish a high performing athlete. They key to recovery is optimal nutrient absorption. Athlete bodies must not only be introduced to the correct nutrients, but the nutrients themselves must be easily recognized and digested within the body aka made “bioavailable”. 

Consider this - professional cyclist, Julian Kyer, trained on a vegan diet and fell into overtraining paired with a lack of nutritional replenishment for each workout. After decreased performance, Kyer worked with nutritionist, San Millán, to better prepare himself for his high intensity training regiment in regards to recovery. Kyer at the end of an improved recovery phase stated, “It’s been a couple of seasons since I’ve made some of those changes, and it’s made a big difference, it’s made a really big difference.”

Why recovery?

Efficient recovery not only allows for sustained better training, but allows for the body to perform in the long run. According to Complete Human Performance, major potential consequences for lack of restoration include:

  • Muscle glycogen levels won’t be high enough for you to perform well in your next workout. The endocrine system experiences adrenal fatigue which results in higher cortisol production aka the fat storing hormone. Inefficiency is guranteed to accumulate for not only stagnation but degressed results. According to Men’s Fitness, returning prematurely to a workout less than 24 hours after an intense workout will have you compensating for muscle fiber damage and increase injury.
  • Muscles will continue to break down after the workout and won’t recover as quickly.
  • You won’t adapt as well to your training over the long-term, and your performance will suffer.
  • Your immune function will remain depressed for longer after each workout, increasing your risk of infection. Essentially lack or recovery = lower immune system = higher sick days = inefficient training and performance.
  • You may have a higher risk of injuries and overtraining from lack of recovery.

Now that we’ve come to understand the importance of recovery, let’s talk about some killer ingredients that can help aid in the recovery process.

1. Cucumber

Cucumbers are more than spa facial accessories. They are known for their high anti-inflammatory properties, hydration, and potassium value. Anti-inflammatory properties are perfect for fatigued muscles that are swollen after extreme exertion, while hydration and potassium are absorbed into the muscles for better recovery during the next workout.

2. Curcumin

Curcumin is primarily known for it’s anti-inflammatory properties as well as ability to allow nutrients readily “bioavailable” for complete nutrient absorption. In the context of the recovery process, curcumin might be most beneficial in a post-recovery beverage versus any other form of intake. Why? Cucumin is able to remove metabolic waste like lactic acid more effectively and is responsible for delivering oxygen, nutrients and blood to muscles. It’s a simple as it sounds in the sense of nutrient absorption is crucial for recovery. The body cannot “make-up for” or simulate nutrient recovery. There are no shortcuts for recovery.

3. Panax Notoginseng and Rosa Roxburghi Extract

Panax Notoginseng is incredible for stimulating muscle tissue repair and reduce inflammation. According to NuLiv Science this extract demonstrated significant reduced inflammation on muscle tissue up to 4 days post exercise while enhancing exercise to exhaustion times an additional 20%. As a result endurance is an enhanced due to Increased glycogen delivery to muscle tissue for more muscle fuel. Imagine if you normally need 24 hours to recover from an intense workout, a 20% improvement could speed recovery to as much as 19 hours which means you would be able to take on the next day’s workout with more ease and effectiveness.

4. Suntheanine

Suntheanine is a patented fermentation process that mimics the natural process in green tea leaves. The extract promotes a sense of relaxation, reduces stress and restlessness, helps ease nervousness and irritability, and gently soothes tension away. It works to suppress glucocorticoids, which give the body and mind a feeling of “stress”. According to Suntheanine human clinical trials, the extract helped with improved sleep quality, mental acuity, and immune support.

At MODe we encourage you to compare our Cucumber + LIme Recovery Booster against other common products often used for post-workout recovery beverages. 

If you recover nothing else, recover this:

  • Lack of recovery can lead to depleted future workouts, injury, and decreased long-term performance.
  • Cucumbers are your best friend for anti-inflammation, hydration, and potassium benefits.
  • Panax Notoginseng helps repair muscle fibers and reduce inflammation while enhancing exercise to exhaustion times and additional 20%.
  • Suntheanine is the perfect “green tea” like substance to aid in stress reduction, improved sleep, and overall mental acuity improvement. Alpha beta waves are responsbile for a relaxed, alert state of mind at frequencies of 8.0-13.0 hertz, which studies showed were found in Suntheanine.

As much as we at MODe love kickick butt leading up to and during a training session we know kicking back is just as important, which is why the MODe Cucumber + Lime Recovery Booster was crafted. What can we say, kicking back helps you kick butt when it matters most!


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