3 Ways to Love Your Failures

At MODe if we didn’t believe in the power of failure we wouldn’t be committed to providing our athletes fresh, natural, whole foods in the midst of the daily demands that make it challenging to truly fuel your body. No this is not another “rags to riches” adaptation or a “try harder” mantra. Instead, we rather give you 3 ways to love your failures because if you’re failing at something you’re spot on.

1. Acknowledge failures as a component

To start, let’s visit Merriam Webster and define “failure”

Now, let’s move past the semicolon and read the most likely overlooked portion of the definition: a failing to perform a duty or expected action

If failure is missing the performance of an “expected” action, why do we not refer to piled up laundry due to overtime at work, or legs feeling more sore than usual after yesterday’s workout as a failure? When you can’t find your keys that should be on the kitchen counter do you actually think, “I am a failure for not finding my keys in their expected place”. Hopefully , not - And if you do, that mentality needs to stop today. Not to say these things aren’t inconveniences, or frustrating, but they are most certainly not the type of failures that tip the scale from achieving your goals.

And while we are at it let’s not forget Newton’s 3rd law - for every action there is an opposite and equal reaction. Movement requires the combination of negative and positive energy.

2. Work backwards and work the failures.

Do you remember completing the maze on the back of the kids menu when you went out for family dinner? If so, did you ever “cheat” and work the maze backwards from the finish with your blue crayon? For some reason, working the same maze backwards feels easier despite the inevitable dead ends you run into.

When you work your maze backwards, there will be dead ends and unexpected turns, but you will also progress. The negative gut feeling of a failure fades because you know for a fact  it leads to the very place you are trying to go. You don’t stop in the middle of the maze and question whether the final destination is possible, you already know the destination exists. It was part of the path. The hurdle wasn’t good or bad, but rather something that was bound to happen along the way. There is so much power to be had by removing the disease of self-criticism and replacing it with expecting the “unexpected actions” as part of the process. The best athletes will tell you they thrive on loving the process because if you don’t love the process you will only get so far in your maze before giving up or spinning your wheels.

3. Thank Your Failures

Character is who you are when no one is looking. Take that one step further and realize Character is who you are when your actions cause the unexpected reaction. No muscle has ever been built without unexpected weight placed upon it, followed by fiber tear, and finally regenerated fibers which equalled growth. We all have emotional, physical, and mental muscles with room to grow..                   

So next time your legs can barely stand after half a mile more or you still feel completely exhausted after your golden 8 hours of sleep, say thank you - you just got closer to your goals by chipping away at the hurdles along the way.

What are some of your favorite failures? Comment below!




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